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Cheese "Mozzarella" TM Zolotiy Rezerv, 45%

Cheese "Mozzarella" TM Zolotiy Rezerv, 45%
Mozzarella is a young cheese with a delicate, clean, milky taste and a soft texture, thanks to which the cheese melts well. heese does not emit fat, does not dry, stretches well during melting. It is ideal for pizzas, hot and cold sandwiches. It can also be used during the preparation of casseroles, lasagna and salads.

- Gentle and elastic consistency
- Pure milky taste
- Ideally melts, does not emit fat
- Well stretches both in hot form and after it cools down
- Does not dry up
- It also tastes well in hot and cold dishes
storage Conditions
not more than45 days

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