B2B products

B2B Products


TERRA FOOD — is a leading supplier of ingredients for companies, which produce confectionery, baked goods, dairy and meat products, and also pharmaceutical, chemical and a lot of different areas. Due to many years of experience in the production of dairy products, the TERRA FOOD company produces butter, spread, cheese, casein and dry demineralized whey under whatever technical requirements desired by a client and in the necessary amount. Our clients from around the world - these are enterprises, which manufacture onlyquality products.

We are proud to work with such companies, like the International Confectionery Corporation ROSHEN and the AVK Confectionery Company.

The industrial products, which are produced by the TERRA FOOD company include the following:

Milk mixtures for soft ice cream and milkshakes
Milk mixtures for soft ice cream and milkshakes – it’s a dairy product made from whole milk and subjected to short-term high-temperature processing at a temperature of 140 °C. It also contains fresh cream, powdered milk, sugar and stabilizer. Milk mixtures for milkshakes and ice cream have homogeneous liquid structure of cream-white colour with moderately sweet taste of milk and cream.

Milk mixtures for ice cream have vanilla aroma. They are used for making soft ice cream and milkshakes in public catering establishments, and at industrial enterprises. Milk mixtures are packed up in aseptic bags, available in 10 and 20 litres. It is recommended to use the product within 48 hours after unpacking. Ice cream and milkshakes made out of our mixtures are tremendously popular among children and adults. For several successive years taste panel of the McDonald's European Quality Centre (Munich, Germany) acknowledges mixtures produced by Bila Tserkva dairy plant as the best in Europe, and that proves their consistent high quality.
Confectionery cream
Confectionery cream is the product ready to use and to eat after whipping, and intended for cakes and desserts decoration, pastry filling and ice cream decoration at industrial enterprises, in confectionery shops, and in public catering establishments. The main characteristics of confectionery cream are their pleasing savour, gentle aroma, nutritious content and plasticity. Due to its plastic consistency one can even create voluminous sweet sculptures!

Confectionery cream is packed up in aseptic bags, available in 10 kilos. The producer recommends storing the product in refrigerator no longer than 72 hours after unpacking. Before using you can vary the taste of ready confectionery cream with fruit and berry syrups and juice, vanilla, cinnamon, cocoa, coffee or aromatic alcoholic beverages.
Technical acid casein

Casein is produced from skimmed milk and through using hydrochloric and lactic acids. It is used to provide products plasticity and density. The main consumer of casein are light chemical, perfume and cosmetics, pharmaceutical, wood, cellulose and paper industries. Casein - is a primary ingredient in many products. For example, high quality ecologically clean glue is made from casein.

Dry demineralized whey

The dry demineralized whey produced by the TERR FOOD company is prepared using high-tech equipment, of which there is no other such equipment in the CIS.

For this reason our whey is in high demand both in Ukraine, and in neighbouring countries.

Dry whey is used as an ingredient in the following products:

  • Milk and fruit drinks. Whey helps in suppressing increased acidity in products.
  • Meat products. Adding whey reduces the likelihood of bouillon swelling and increases the volume of the finished product (pâtés, cooked sausage, ham).
  • Fermented beverages, milk and cheese products, dietary fermented products, and also processed cheeses.
  • Children's products. The addition of whey to children's food products allows to bring the products to a closer composition to breast milk.
  • Confectionery and baked goods (cakes, pies, cookies, candy, butter bread). Baked goods, prepared with the addition of dry whey ensures a longer shelf life of the product.
Demineralized whey also increases the frothiness in whipped milk products, which, in turn, increases the volume of production.


One of the main ingredients in the production of baked and confectionery goods and also of ice cream.

Spreads, mixes, pastes

A useful product, which is produced through the combining of dairy and vegetable fats. It is actively used in baked and confectionery products.

Cheese and cheese products

A dairy product, which is prepared using natural milk by adding milk coagulating enzymes and yeasts. In producing cheese at the enterprises of our company we use enzymes from the Danish company Chr. Hansen A/S.

TERR FOOD produces cheese and cheese products for enterprises in the food industry and for restaurant chains.