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What is butter

12 April 2013
What is butter Butter – is a milk product on the basis of cream from cow's milk. In accordance with State Standards of Ukraine, butter is prepared solely from cow's milk or its byproducts. However, in some countries, for example, in India, butter is produced from the milk of a zebu, in Mongolia - from the milk of yaks.

The content of milk fat in butter is not less than 61%, so it is highly caloric and of biological value. The caloric value of fat is from 2111 to 3113 kJ.

Butter exists in two forms - sweet creamed and sour creamed. Sweet creamed butters are produced from fresh pasteurized cream, and sour creamed butters - from pasteurized cream, which has been fermented using sour lactic cultures, which provide the butter with a specific taste and aroma. In Ukraine sour creamed butters are seldom found on store shelves. For the most part sweet creamed butters are sold in Ukraine, and it is that type of butter which we have grown accustomed. Therefore, many Ukrainians may not like sour creamed butter and it may seem to them that it is butter which has soured.

Butter - is a product with high caloric value which includes vitamins A, D and E. Because the nutrients contained in the butter are emulsified (in a powdered) form, they are easily and well absorbed (up to 97%).

It should be noted that the butter from cow's milk contains insufficient amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids: linoleic, linolenic and arachidonic, which are more inspreads.

Butter can include different additives. Through adding cacao, many Ukrainians, obtain a beloved taste from their childhoods, chocolate butter.

Butter - delicious and nutritious food, but people with cardiovascular diseases, particularly hypertension and atherosclerosis, it is advised not to abuse this product, because butter contains cholesterol. In such cases, nutritionists recommend eating spreads (blended butter).