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Its all about butter or butter and nothing else

10 March 2014
Its all about butter or butter and nothing else Today people got used to crazy fast pace of living. Internet and TV now became common sources of information. Taking everything heard and seen for granted, people make snap judgments. This is what happened with the perception of such a necessary and useful product – butter. Trying to make it into top lists various media often publish screaming headlines telling that butter is bad, cholesterol is a murderer, low fat content means that what you buy is not a butter, but obscure substance harmful to your body.

In our article you will find out what is true and what is false.

1 . Butter is a source of cholesterol causing a number of cardiovascular diseases

People eatbutter for thousands of years and the role of its components in development and growth of an organism is huge. Butter contains cholesterol. This is fact, but cholesterol is extremely necessary for a number of vital systems of our body. It is a compound of cell membranes, it participates in vitamin D synthesis; bile acids and the majority of hormones need it. Brain serotonin secretion decreases without cholesterol.

At higher cholesterol levels in blood and for cardiovascular disease prevention it is recommended to eat less butter, but you should not avoid it altogether.

2 . Butter with fat content lower than 82,5 % is not a butter

To see into the matter we should understand the butter production technology clearly. First, they separate cream from cows’ milk. Its fat content is 35 %. Then cream is forwarded to a separator, where by removing moisture (the fat-free part of cream received after milk separation or, in other words, buttermilk) they receive high-fat cream containing 82,5 %, 73 %, 72,5 % of fat. That means, butter with fat content lower than 82,5 % is true butter made from natural cows milk cream, and it differs only by moisture content. Therefore, statements about butter containing less than 82,5 % of fat "being diluted with trans-fat" or "hydrogen" are absurd. Way back in the USSR there was GOST classification of butter by fat percentage: traditional — 82,5 %, amateur 80 %, farmer 72,5 %, sandwich-type 61,5 % and tea 50 %. It stands to mention that the less fat butter contains, the less calories it has, therefore, it is the perfect fit for those trying to limit their calorie intake.

Therefore, regardless of its fat content, butter is true natural product you can safely consume, moreover, get profit for your health.

3 . Butter is just fat and nothing else

Butter contains lots of vitamins, minor- and macro-nutrient elements, and fats. Children need butter above all others. Child's organism needs fats as it grows. Lack of fats at young age can cause degradation of mental capacity and arrested brain development. School students might have lower academic performance and learning capacity all because of lack of fats. Due to its unique chemical properties and structure butter is one of the recommended and profitable elements of baby and diet food.

Butter is a high-calorie product, though you should not put it by. 20 grams of butter a day is enough for your body to get all the necessary useful elements. Natural butter is very useful for skin, hair, eyes, bone and muscular tissue. It contains vitamins A, D, E, C, B, calcium, phospholipids (construction material for cells, especially neurons) and essential amino acids, as well as 150 fatty acids, 20 of them are indispensable!

4 . Butter contains harmful impurities

The butter made at TERRA FOOD plants doesn't contain harmful impurities as it is produced strictly according to DSTU (State Standard of Ukraine) observing all technological standards. Therefore it doesn't contain vegetable oils, impurities, additives, and contains only high-quality fresh natural cream from cows milk.